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Intermediate Leadership

Intermediate Leadership
    The positions of junior research group leaders and experienced postdocs are often described as a challenging ?sandwich position?. On the one hand, in these positions, you lead single researchers or an entire scientific team, on the other hand you are dependent on the heads of departments etc. This requires competencies in leading a team as well as in lateral leadership.

One aim of the seminar is to introduce you to the tools needed to lead a team successfully. As a basic model, the approach of transformational leadership will be introduced. Further, you will reflect on the different expectations others have of you in your specific leadership role, and get to know instruments for clarifying such expectations in discussions. In this compact course, you will learn how to address difficult topics with team members and colleagues and how to lead discussions in a solution-oriented manner.

Seminar contents:

    - Model of team leadership, fundamentals of transformational leadership
    - Expectation management in a ?sandwich position?
    - Building trust and understanding
    - Target-oriented and inspiring leadership strategies
    - Master difficult discussions with team members and on lateral level solution-orientated

Trainer: Dr. Anja Frohnen

Postdocs, Academic leadership
Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Human Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, Faculty of Law
Female, Not specified, Male, Divers