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Online-Workshop: Academic Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Online-Workshop: Academic Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences
    This workshop is ideal for those doctoral candidates who already have experience in writing in English but are not native speakers of English. The course addresses the main challenges in writing an academic text for publication and offers tips and techniques to help you write more clearly. After attending this course, you will feel more confident in structuring your academic texts as well as being aware of typical mistakes in academic writing and how to fix them.
As the second day focuses on participants? writing you are asked to bring a current writing project to the workshop. In addition, you should bring a copy of a native speaker paper from the Humanities and Social Sciences area.

Seminar contents:

    - The writing process
    - General style and structure of academic papers, paragraphs and sentences in  the Humanities and Social Sciences
    - Punctuation
    - Academic vocabulary - words and phrases used to structure papers and improve the written style
    - Learning from native speakers
    - Abstracts
    - Classic mistakes
    - Improving texts - writing and feedback on your own work
    - Reflections and next steps

Trainer: Lesley-Ann Weiling

Doctoral candidates
Faculty of Law, Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, Faculty of Human Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Female, Male, Divers, Not specified